Covidien is now Medtronic Minimally Invasive Therapies



  1. You are a board certified or eligible cardiothoracic surgeon
  2. General thoracic cases comprise ≥ 50% of your practice
  3. You have completed ≥ 100 thoracoscopic cases (wedge, biopsies, segmentectomy, lobectomies)
  4. You have completed ≥ 70 thoracoscopic lobectomies/segmentectomies (see definition of thoracoscopic below),

    (OR )

    You have completed ≥ 40 thoracoscopic lobectomies/segmentectomies (see definition of thoracoscopic below) and you have attended a hands-on thoracoscopic lobectomy training course*

  5. You perform ≥ 60% of your cases thoracoscopically (Includes Stage I or II lung cancer cases or cases done without neoadjuvant therapy)


  • You perform thoracoscopic surgery using two to four incisions (< 4cm each), plus one access incision
  • You do not use rib spreaders on your thoracoscopic cases
  • You perform the entire procedure using the video monitor for guidance

*Hands-on training includes Covidien training courses (Master Classes, Mini-Fellowships, Preceptorships, Clinical Immersions), CME training courses, cardiothoracic surgery fellowships that include thoracoscopic surgery

* Required

Please check one box below each procedure to indicate whether you (as a surgeon) or other qualified physicians perform these advanced thoracic procedures at your institution.

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