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Included in this VATS Toolkit is a comprehensive booklet with information for both you and your patients that serves as an overview of lung cancer, staging, treatment options and the VATS technique and benefits. The accompanying brochure is an abbreviated form of the booklet and the poster, which can be displayed in patient treatment or consult rooms, features clear and easily understandable illustrations that can be utilized to communicate to patients about treatment options. Short video clips are available from a patient, Katie, who was diagnosed with lung cancer and recently underwent VATS surgery. Thoracic surgeon, Michael Mulligan, M.D. from the University of Washington, also discusses the challenges of communicating a lung cancer diagnosis with a patient and addresses lung cancer treatment options including the benefits of VATS surgery.

In addition to these many tools, please share the companion patient website with your patients where they can learn more about lung cancer treatment options or if necessary, find a VATS surgeon.

We encourage you to take advantage of these materials to help facilitate discussions with your patients, and explain the medical concepts behind treatments such as VATS surgery in easily understandable language.

In-Office Patient Materials

  • Information Booklet for Patients
  • Information Brochure for Patients
  • Office Poster
  • DVD

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Featured Video:

View Katie, a lung cancer patient who recently underwent VATS surgery and her surgeon, Michael Mulligan, M.D., from the University of Washington

Understanding Lung Cancer Testimonial

VATS Research and Published Stories

A sampling of the latest research and clinical papers devoted to VATS includes:

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