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Single Incision. Single Port. Simple Choice.

The SILS™ Port multiple access port is an advanced surgical product designed to perform laparoscopic surgery through a single incision, as well as through the anus to provide access for rectal procedures such as TEMS (Transanal Endoscopic Micro Surgery). This product is designed to give surgeons the ability to use multiple instruments with maximal maneuverability through adjustable cannulas all within a low-profile malleable blue port.

The SILS™ Port leaves a hidden scar when used in the umbilicus and may minimize postoperative pain when compared to traditional open procedures.

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SILS™ Port Multiple Access Port Highlights

SILS™ Port In-Service Video

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Learn more about the SILS™ Port.

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SILS™ Port transanal info sheet

Discover the Enhanced Design

Discover how SILS™ Port is setting new standards for access in transanal minimally invasive surgery.

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SILS™ Port Insertion Guide

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Learn more about proper insertion techniques for the port.

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