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Information Portal for Biomedical Professionals

You asked; we listened. At Covidien, we understand the daily challenges biomedical equipment technicians face to keep medical equipment operational. We especially understand the importance of relevant and timely information. In response to that need, we created the BioMed Connect™ portal to help you service and maintain our electrosurgical generators with maximum efficiency.

BioMed Connect™ provides convenient access to:

  • Technical documentation
  • Troubleshooting assistance
  • Training course information
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Customer service contact information

BioMed Connect™ Resource Highlights

ForceTriad™ Energy Platform Service Manual

ForceTriad™ Energy Platform Service Manual

Learn about the features and specifications of the ForceTriad™ energy platform.

[ Download the Manual ]

Force FX™ Electrosurgical Generator C Service Manual

Force FX™ Electrosurgical Generator C Service Manual

Learn about the features and specifications of the Force FX™ electrosurgical generator C.

[ Download the Manual ]

Course Overview


Covidien's Biomed Service Training is designed to teach Biomedical Equipment Technicians (BMET) and Clinical Engineers (CE) how to install, setup, operate, calibrate and troubleshoot our electrosurgical equipment. With specific information and guidelines for maintaining the equipment, our training ensures biomedical professionals are able to perform preventive maintenance tasks and rectify equipment issues efficiently and effectively.

The result: your hospital maximizes its investment in capital equipment by minimizing equipment down time.

Through lecture, demonstrations and extensive hands-on lab exercises, participants will learn to:

  • Tear down equipment
  • Remove and replace parts
  • Perform calibration procedures
  • Confirm output parameters
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Biomed courses are designed to teach intermediate-level installation, operation, fault isolation and preventive maintenance tasks consistent with the board-level maintenance philosophy. Instruments associated with the electrosurgical generators are used for output checks and calibration, but the actual use and application of these instruments is not covered. This information is provided by your sales representative.

Intended Audience

Biomed courses are intended for:

  • Hospital biomedical equipment technicians and clinical engineers
  • In-house service technicians

Course Prerequisites

Participants should have a background in electronic engineering technology or biomedical equipment technology. This training is generally offered by technical schools or through military training. Past experience with electrosurgical equipment is beneficial.

Completion Criteria

Successful course completion will be determined via written quizzes and structured laboratory exercises. Participants will receive a certificate of qualification if they attend the entire course and fulfill the competency requirements.

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Course Topics

Principles of Electrosurgery Force FX™ Electrosurgical Generator C
History of cautery and electrosurgery Controls and Indicators
Electrosurgery basics Block diagram overview
Tissue response technology Teardown
Power Efficiency Rating and Crest Factor Required test equipment
Types of electrosurgical generators Calibration procedure
Patient return electrodes Output checks
Hazards of surgical smoke Typical error messages and remedies
Interpreting a Covidien serial number Fault isolation lab


ForceTriad™ Energy Platform Special Request Topics
Generator familiarization LigaSure™ vessel sealing generator
Touchscreen functions BC Group 2400 analyzer demonstration
Updating generator software Sonicision™ cordless ultrasonic dissection device
Block diagram overview RF & MW ablation fundamentals
Generator teardown HyperTerminal setup and use
Required test equipment Open lab “sandbox”
Calibration procedure  
Output checks  
PM requirements  
Typical error messages and remedies  
Fault isolation lab  


Three-day courses are held at locations across the United States. Dates and locations are published on the training calendar and available for download here. Courses typically start at 7:30am and end at 4:00pm.

2015 Training Calendar
December 9-11, 2014 Boulder, CO
January 13-15, 2015 Miami, FL
February 3-5, 2015 Carlsbad, CA
February 24-26, 2015 Phoenix, AZ
March 17-19, 2015 North Haven, CT
April 7-9, 2015 Chicago, IL
April 28-30, 2015 Boulder, CO
May 19-21, 2015 Carlsbad, CA
June 9-11, 2015 Boston, MA
June 23-25, 2015 North Haven, CT
July 14-16, 2015 Plymouth, MN
August 4-6, 2015 Carlsbad, CA
September 1-3, 2015 North Haven, CT
September 15-17, 2015 San Francisco, CA
October 13-15, 2015 Atlanta, GA

**Cities subject to change**



Registration is limited and advance registration is required via our online Biomed Training Registration Form. Applicants are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. For registration questions, please call 1-800-255-8522, extension 7015, or email


The $1495 tuition is waived for all standardized customers. Participants are responsible for airfare, ground transportation, evening meals and lodging. Breakfast and lunch will be provided during training.


Biomed Service

1-800-255-8522 (press 2 for Biomed Service)
Option 1

for a Service Support Representative to:

  • Request a Return Authorization Number
  • Check the status of a repair
  • Place a spare parts order
Option 2 for Technical Assistance with the electrosurgical generators and LigaSure™ products
Option 3 for Technical Assistance with Valleylab™ exchange software
Option 4 for Technical Assistance with tissue ablation products

Biomed Training Registration

Training Registration Form
1-800-255-8522, extension 7015


Programs & Services
Full Circuit System Standardization  

ForceTriad™ Energy Platform

Product Information
Troubleshooting & Service Guide User’s Guide
Service Manual Quick Reference Chart
Extended Warranty
Program* FAQ*

*This information is U.S. only.

Electrosurgical Generators

Force FX™ Electrosurgical Generator C
User’s Guide Service Manual
Force EZ™ Electrosurgical Generator C
User’s Guide Service Manual
LigaSure™ Vessel Sealing Generator
User’s Guide Service Manual
SurgiStat™ Low-Power Electrosurgical Generator
User's Guide Service Manual
SurgiStat™ Electrosurgical Generator II
User's Guide Service Manual

Argon Gas Delivery Systems

Valleylab™ Argon Gas Delivery System II
User’s Guide Service Manual
System Reference Card  

Smoke Evacuation Systems

RapidVac™ Smoke Evacuator System
User’s Guide Service Manual