Polysorb™ Meniscal Stapler XLS Device

Polysorb™ Meniscal Repair Device, the simple choice for fast and effective meniscal repair.

Order Information

Order Code Description Ship Case
160500 Polysorb™ Meniscal Stapler XLS Handle 1
160511 Polysorb™ Meniscal Stapler XLS Single Use Loading Unit, Up-Curved 5
160204 ArthroPort™ 6.0mm x 70mm Cannula Obturator 6

Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Absorbable 10mm soft-back staple Two points of fixation simulates horizontal mattress stitch providing excellent fixation. Soft back span minimizes damage to articular cartilage and migration. Knotless fixation
Cable back span runs entire length of staple Preserves fixation of tissue under load
Competitively priced Compares favorably to current meniscal repair devices but includes premium features, and fastest delivery on the market
Modular handle with individually packaged implant loading units (SULU's) Allows for simple fast loading, operation, and reloading. Allows surgeon to deliver as many implants as needed with a simple squeeze of the handle. No wasted staples. Only open as many implants as needed.
Guide spike on SULU Assists surgeon in coapting tear. Maintains SULU position during firing.
Proprietary Covidien Polysorb™ Polymer (82% PLA, 18% PGA) On the market for over 2 decades, completely absorbs in 12-15 months
Available template Instruments Allows surgeon to template repair site with reusable instruments to determine appropriate angled tip SULU prior to opening sterile implant. Also can be used to advance proud legs of implant to ensure perfect repair.
Template design based on Staple Loading Units Provides the surgeon with a guide for selecting the appropriate shaped XLS Single Use Loading Unit (SULU).

Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer
How many staples come with each loading unit? One staple per unit.
Can you re-load the staple units? No. The stapling units are single use units, they cannot be reloaded.
Is the XLS handle reusable? Yes, the XLS handle can be used more than once PER PATIENT. THESE ARE SINGLE PATIENT USE ONLY!
How many types of loading units are available? We have two types of loading units. The 160510 is a straight shaft and the 160511 is an 8 degree up curved shaft
What is the size of the staple? The two barbed posts are 10mm in length, connected by a 4mm long braided backspan
Does the XLS Template set come with the XLS Stapler? No. The templates may be ordered separately and are considered an accessory to the Meniscal Stapler XLS.
Are the Templates reusable? Yes. Follow the Reprocessing Instructions located in the Instructions for Use booklet.
Are the Templates provided sterile? No, they must be sterilized prior to use.

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