Covidien is joining Medtronic
Figure for Microstream™ Brand for RMS Phase II

Covidien patient monitoring solutions provide the only integrated, complete picture of a patient’s oxygenation and ventilation status1.

Microstream-enabled technology is used worldwide to help clinicians monitor patients’ end-tidal CO2 (etCO2) and alert them early to indications of evolving respiratory compromise.

1. Maddox RR, Oglesby H, Williams CK, Fields M, Danello S., Continuous respiratory monitoring and a “smart” infusion system improve safety of patient-controlled analgesia in the postoperative period. [ View Abstract ]

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Respiratory Compromise Overview Video

Learn why respiratory compromise is common, costly and deadly.

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etCO2 and SpO2 monitoring, now with Apnea-Sat Alert

Built on a legacy of proven performance, the Capnostream 20p bedside monitor offers Apnea-Sat™ Alert, an automated method of tracking recurring apneic and oxygen desaturation events. Apnea-Sat Alert is the latest addition to the suite of Smart Capnography™ integrated algorithms.

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Portable and accurate measurement technology.

The Nellcor™ N-85 Portable Pulse Oximetry Monitor with Microstream™ technology provides accurate SpO2 and etCO2 values in an easy-to-use, handheld device.

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etCO2 sampling lines for every patient and clinical need.

A portfolio of etCO2 sampling lines designed for use with Microstream®-enabled capnography monitors for both intubated and non-intubated patients, neonate to adult.

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Langhan Clinician Testimonial Video

Watch a Video About the Importance of Monitoring etCO2 with Pediatric Patients

Melissa Langhan, MD reviews the importance of capnography to monitor pediatric patients in the emergency medicine environment.

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Maddox Clinical Perspective Video

View a Clinical Perspective on etCO2 Monitoring with Patients on PCA Pumps

Ray Maddox, PharmD, Director of Clinical Pharmacy, Research and Pulmonary Medicine discusses the value of monitoring etCO2 with patients on PCA pumps.

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Green Clinical Testimonial Video

View a video about monitoring etCO2 during radiology procedures

Karen Green, a radiology charge nurse, discusses her experience using capnography monitoring to aid in patient care.

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Ruben Restrepo Capnography Video

View a video about SpO2 and etCO2 monitoring for quality patient care.

Ruben Restrepo, MD, RRT, FAARC provides his perspective on using etCO2 monitoring as 'the fifth vital sign'.

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Microstream Technology Overview Video

Watch a video to see how Microstream™ capnography matters in improving patient safety

Overview of Microstream™ technology.

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Charise Petrovitch Video

Watch a video about improving patient safety with etCO2 monitoring

Charise Petrovitch, Chief of Anesthesia, VA Medical Center, Washington, DC explains her views on using capnography to improve patient safety.

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Microstream Capnography OEM Solutions

Microstream™ Capnography OEM Solutions

Microstream™ technology, with Smart Capnography™ algorithms and a wide array of sampling line options, is designed for accuracy, ease-of-use and enhanced workflow solutions.

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