BIS™ Brain Function Monitoring Systems from Covidien

Enabling safety and quality improvements in patient sedation

By providing insight into the direct and patient-specific effects of anesthesia on the brain, the BIS™ brain monitoring system helps clinicians determine and administer the precise amount of drug to meet the needs of each individual patient, leading to increased patient anesthesia satisfaction.

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BIS™ Brain Function Monitoring System Featured Products

BIS™ Complete 2-Channel Monitor

Fully featured and powerful stand-alone monitor with color, touch screen navigation, user-configurable display, and versatile platform for future expandability.

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BIS™ Complete 4-Channel Monitor

Provides the capability to detect hemispheric differences in the brain, which may prove useful for advanced monitoring applications.

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BIS™ Unilateral Sensors

A longer tab, combined with rubberized PIC connector, provides increased patient comfort while the self-prepping Zipprep™ technology ensures good skin contact and optimal signal quality.

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