Covidien is now Medtronic Minimally Invasive Therapies


Medtronic Center of Innovation Brazil

The Covidien Center of Innovation Brazil (CCI Brazil) opened on August 20th, further expanding its educational and research capabilities in a key emerging market. The CCI will help educate clinicians in Brazil and the surrounding region on the latest medical technology, enabling them to more safely and efficiently perform a variety of procedures that can save and improve patients’ lives.

Located in São Paulo, near the Ponte Estaiada, the CCI is the first of its kind in Latin America. The facility offers courses that include mechanical ventilation, monitoring of vital signs, surgical procedures and minimally invasive surgeries.

The CCI in São Paulo is approximately 3,000 square meters and has the capacity to offer 120 courses and educate 2,000 professionals per year. Features include:

• A surgical lab fully equipped for minimally invasive surgeries using electronic and computer simulators as well as silicone models

• A clinical scenario simulation lab equipped with a human patient simulator (computerized mannequin that bleeds and has cardiac arrests and changes in blood pressure, among other critical situations found in an intensive care unit)

• A laboratory for educating in medical and hospital procedures, with silicone models and equipment for tests and simulations

• The only Anatomage touchscreen table in São Paulo. Anatomage is a revolutionary technology that allows the study of the human body’s anatomy in a virtual patient, combining CT imaging with the traditional operating room experience and delivering unparalleled anatomical images

• A research and development lab to enable health care professionals to directly collaborate with R&D staff

• An auditorium that accommodates 160 people and features a multimedia system for transmitting real-time audio and video of health care procedures and training sessions for partner institutions that include the country’s most renowned hospitals and universities

CCI Brazil will serve as a hub for training health care professionals from throughout Latin America. Worldwide, Covidien has CCIs in Shanghai (China), Seoul (South Korea), Mumbai (India) and Istanbul (Turkey).

To receive information health care institutions should contact Covidien in Brazil (via website, which organizes the educational programs according to the needs of the health care professionals and the institution involved.