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Integrated Pulmonary IndexTM (IPI) Training


  • ID265759

  • Online
  • English
  • Non-Accredited

This course will define the Integrated Pulmonary Index™ (IPI), explain how it works, and describe its clinical benefits. The Integrated Pulmonary Index™, is an index derived from calculations of four separate parameters. The IPI itself is not a parameter, but rather a deduced index that has shown to be indicative of changing patient respiratory condition. The IPI assists clinicians by presenting one single value that demonstrates “real time” ventilatory status based on four key parameters:

  • End-tidal CO2
  • Respiration rate
  • SpO2
  • Pulse rate

By doing so the IPI enables easy recognition of a pediatric or adult patients changing ventilatory status. Helping staff simplify monitoring of patients in a busy environment.