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Continuing Education Initiatives in Safe Patient Care


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Covidien is committed to helping you provide effective, time-efficient and high-quality education for your staff. Covidien provided unrestricted educational grants to Saxe Healthcare Communications for the development of these educational assets. Saxe Healthcare Communications provides CE and CRCE credits for online education courses.

Rapid Response CE Program: Saving Lives with Early Intervention is a one-hour learning module designed for the bedside healthcare provider and respiratory therapists as a primer on the importance of early identification of a patient in crisis, effective team communication during a crisis and rapid assessment and stabilization of the patient. This learning module is available as an online and live course.

The Initiatives in Safe Patient Care continuing education program discusses enhancements to patient safety through improved surveillance.

Topics include:

  • Respiratory Depression and Opiod Therapy
  • Clinical Alarms and Impact on Patient Safety
  • In-Hospital Resuscitation: Early Intervention
  • Cross-Contamination of Hospital Surfaces
  • Goal-Directed Therapy: Optimizing Fluid Management


Click on the download button, which will take you to the Saxe site. One initiative will be featured. To access the other initiatives, select the links tab. If you would like to take the live course, please contact your Covidien field representative.