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Monitoring Consciousness: Using the Bispectral Index™ during Anesthesia - BIS Pocket Guide for Clinicians


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The Bispectral Index (BIS) monitoring system enables anesthesia professionals to access processed EEG information as a measure of the effect of certain anesthetics during patient care. The clinical impact of monitoring with BIS technology has been demonstrated in a variety of randomized controlled trials that have revealed the potential for BIS technology to facilitate improvements in anesthesia care, including patient safety. After reading this clinical pocket guide, the anesthesia clinician will be able to:

  • Describe the link between anesthetic effect, EEG signals and the BIS Index - Integrate BIS technology information during induction, maintenance and emergence
  • Identify special situations that can influence monitoring with BIS technology
  • Formulate responses to sudden changes in BIS values during anesthesia
  • Summarize the evidence-based impact of using BIS technology during anesthesia care
  • Recommend monitoring with BIS technology in a strategy to reduce the risk of awareness
  • List resources and pathways to access additional clinical support for monitoring with BIS technology