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BIS™ Titration SimulatOR


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The BIS Titration SimulatOR was developed as a creative learning exercise for anesthesia professionals to explore BIS-guided anesthesia titration during an animated simulation of surgery procedure. The simulator assumes that the user has basic knowledge regarding BIS monitoring.

For each patient, the user has the option of conducting the simulated anesthetic using either a volatile gas, TIVA, or TIVA-TCI technique. Regardless of technique, for a given scenario the user manages induction, intubation, ventilation, and fluids in addition to drug selection and titration. In conditions of inadequate anesthesia, analgesia, or muscle relaxant effect, surgical stimulation and pain thresholds determine patient somatic response and/or surgeon comments.

Please note: There is an easy to follow online user tutorial included with the SimulatOR software (above). However, if you would prefer a PDF of the User Instruction Guide, click here to download.

To Install the Program:

  • Download the zipped file
  • Using Windows Explorer, go the location on the computer where the file was saved
  • Extract files from the zipped file
  • Double-click on Setup.exe and follow the instructions on the screen

To Run the Program:

Upon a successful installation, there will be a shortcut placed on your Desktop and under the Start Menu for BIS Titration SimulatOR.

  • Double-click on the BIS Titration SimulatOR shortcut icon on the Desktop


  • Go to Start Menu -> All Programs -> BIS Education -> BIS Titration SimulatOR