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Pre-hospital Capnography Education Tool Kit

Build your own pre-hospital capnography curriculum by selecting instructional components and supporting documentation below.

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Capnography in Pre-Hospital Care Pre Test


CE Supplement for Capnography in CPR Pre Test

CE Supplement for Capnography in CPR Objectives


Capnography in pre-hospital care environments

Case Study

Microstream™ Capnography Used for Non-Intubated Patient with Severe Dyspnea

Case Study

Microstream™ Capnography used by paramedics to treat a COPD patient with acute bronchospasm

Case Study

Use of Microstream™ Capnography During an Acute Asthma Attack

Case Study

Microstream™ Capnography used by paramedics to distinguish COPD from CHF

Case Study

Microstream™ Capnography Use in ALS


Capnography in CPR and Emergency Cardiovascular Care

Case Study

Microstream™ Capnography to Determine Return Perfusion in Cardiac Arrest

Case Study

Microstream™ Capnography in Cardiac Arrest

Capnography in Pre-Hospital Care Post test

Skills Check List

Program Evaluation

CE Supplement for Capnography in CPR Post Test

Recommendations and Clinical Validation Regarding the Use of Capnography

White Paper

2010 International Guidelines on CPR: Recommendations for Capnography

Capnography Policy and Procedure Guide

Example Policy and Procedure Guide

EMS Clinical Evidence Guide

Capnography Waveform Poster

Clinical References and Resources

White Paper

Capnography: Helping to save lives and reduce costs

White Paper

CPR Quality: Improving Cardiac Resuscitation Outcomes Both Inside and Outside the Hospital


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