Covidien is now Medtronic Minimally Invasive Therapies


Delivering Safer Solutions

For the past thirty years, the Kangaroo™ brand has been the name for safe, innovative nutritional delivery products. Now offering you a complete safety solution with both engineered controls and a visual indicator to help prevent tubing misconnections, the Kangaroo brand continues to deliver a best in class portfolio to meet and exceed healthcare needs across the continuum of care.

In addition to providing innovative solutions for all patient populations, Covidien offers a complete nutritional delivery system that provides both engineered controls and a visual indicator to help prevent tubing misconnections.


Covidien’s Kangaroo™ enteral feeding tube ports are designed to be incompatible with luer lock or IV connections, reducing the risk of accidental misconnection or infusion. All feeding set stepped connectors have been designed with a larger tip to help prevent connection to IV tubes while providing a secure connection with our feeding tubes. Additionally, all enteral products are colored purple to help identify a nutritional port, not for IV access.


Covidien continues to offer the market innovative solutions whether it is a truly programmable feed and flush feeding pump, an integrated Salem Sump™ system that offers feeding, suctioning, irrigating and medicating, or being the first to offer a complete system of engineered controls and visual indicators to help prevent misconnections.


Covidien’s Kangaroo™ nutritional delivery portfolio offers your facility a complete, safer solution of enteral feeding pumps and sets, small bore feeding tubes, large bore decompression tubes, placement confirmation devices, a pediatric feeding system, and long-term PEG replacement devices.