AREAS of interest

Covidien has evaluation teams that review ideas submitted for each of our areas of interest, so we can review your submission as expeditiously as possible. Covidien seeks original inventions in the following areas:

Medical Devices

Surgical Devices – offering a complete line of innovative surgical products that includes access and trocar instruments, open and laparoscopic staplers, ligation devices and hand instruments, plus powered and intelligent surgical devices. Close

SILS™ Port

As an innovative company, Covidien invests heavily in research and development to pioneer a number of medical advancements. Covidien manufactures and distributes surgical devices that are used in both open and minimally invasive procedures throughout various surgical specialties including general, metabolic, colorectal, thoracic, urology, gynecology, hernia repair and sports surgery.

SILS™ Stitch

To advance minimally invasive surgeries, Covidien has developed novel instruments such as the first device indicated for multiple instrument abdominal access through a single incision. The SILS™ Port is a flexible laparoscopic port that can accommodate up to three instruments through a single incision - offering surgeons an immediate advancement in patient care. Equally impressive, Covidien is soon to launch the SILS™ Stitch articulating suturing device featuring state-of-the-art precision.

Endo GIA™ Ultra Universal with Tri-Staple™ Technology

Sustaining this progressive momentum, Covidien has numerous stapling advancements on the horizon. With an emphasis on providing improved clinical performance, Covidien is soon to offer the next generation of staplers such as the Endo GIA™ Ultra Universal with Tri-Staple™ Technology. This product line is slated to meet many customers’ requirements such as enhanced tissue handling, higher articulation, optimized tissue compression and tissue grasping capability, plus an increased tissue range indication per reload. A key benefit will be having a thick tissue cartridge that will fit through a 12mm port.

Covidien has recently acquired Power Medical Interventions as an important part of a future “powered” business strategy. These innovative products and business strategies are evidence of Covidien’s drive towards discovering and delivering advanced medical technology. To develop and launch these products, we work in diverse clinical and technological areas, embracing ideas and collaboration from around the world.

Soft Tissue Repair Products – offering a comprehensive surgical products portfolio, including suture, advanced wound closure, biosurgery and a broad line of hernia repair products, including mesh, biologic implants, fixation and access plus dissection devices. Close

Covidien uses its unique expertise to create innovative solutions. These solutions present a wide range of products designed for superior performance in a multitude of procedures in advanced wound closure, biosurgery and hernia repair.

V-loc™ Absorbable Wound Closure Device

With the global roll-out of a new absorbable wound closure device, Covidien offers the first surgical device of its kind for knotless fixation that features unidirectional barbed technology to close dermal wounds quickly and securely.

DuraSeal™ Spine Sealant

Covidien continues to grow its biosurgery portfolio with the launch of DuraSeal™ spine sealant, the only FDA-approved dural sealant for spine procedures. Among the many benefits it offers over common dural sealing methods is a proven intra-operative watertight seal every time.

Hernia and abdominal wall repair are dynamic and versatile fields. The Covidien hernia portfolio delivers innovation, reliability, performance and advantage throughout all product lines. This portfolio provides mesh biologic features that limit visceral attachments and support tissue ingrowth. For complex soft tissue repair, Covidien offers PermacolTM biologic implant which reliably supports tissue ingrowth, neovascularization and long-lasting dimensional stability. Proven performance is central to Covidien fixation options and, with over a million tacks used by surgeons already, we have a solid track record. Covidien provides an inside advantage with its access and dissection portfolios. This line of products assists in creating operative space during laparoscopic hernia procedures with innovative products that combine tissue dissection along with sealed port access in a single instrument.

Parietex™ Composite MeshPermacol™ Biologic ImplantAbsorbaTack™ 5mm FixationSpacemaker™ Plus Dissector System

Energy-based Devices – includes vessel sealing, electrosurgical and ablation products and related capital equipment. Close

Energy-based Devices utilize multiple types of energy such as radio frequency (mono-polar and bi-polar), microwave, argon plasma, etc. to obtain a specific, intended tissue effect during surgical or therapeutic procedures in multiple clinical settings around the world. Current product areas include electrosurgery, vessel sealing and tissue/tumor ablation.

Electrosurgery – involves the use of energy for cutting and coagulating tissue. This product line includes generators, accessories such as return pads, laparoscopic instrumentation, smoke evacuation and argon enhanced electrosurgery.

Vessel Sealing – uses energy to permanently seal vessels or tissue bundles of various sizes up to and including 7mm by fusing the vessel walls together to create a permanent seal. Energy is typically delivered from a generator to a disposable instrument via an open surgical procedure, laparoscopically or access through a natural orifice.

Ablation – involves destroying tissue by applying energy to induce a necrotic response. These types of procedures, using various energy sources from a generator delivered to a disposable instrument, can be performed in open surgery, percutaneously or laparoscopically, depending on the physician’s discretion.

Airway, Ventilation and Monitoring Products – includes airway, ventilator, breathing systems, depth of anesthesia monitoring, pulse oximetry and inhalation therapy products. Close

Covidien works with healthcare professionals to develop the ventilation, airway management and patient monitoring devices they depend on day and night. From critical and general care to home care, Covidien’s respiratory and monitoring solutions inspire confidence because they are safe, accurate and easy to use.

Puritan Bennett™ Ventilation Solutions

Clinicians worldwide turn to Covidien for the high-performance ventilation solutions that help them deliver respiratory therapies available for all patients – from neonates to adults, from acute care to home care.

Mallinckrodt™ and Shiley™ Airway Management Solutions

When clinicians select an airway device for their patients, they turn to Covidien for airway management solutions to help prevent patient complications. At Covidien, we know the last thing that patients need is another obstacle to the best possible clinical outcome.

Nellcor™ Patient Monitoring Solutions

Nellcor™ patient monitoring solutions provide clinicians meaningful alarms that help them respond more effectively. That’s why clinicians worldwide turn to Covidien patient monitoring solutions to detect compromised oxygenation and other respiratory events through accurate readings.

Vascular Therapies – offering a broad range of innovative non-invasive and endovascular devices for the prevention and treatment of vascular disease worldwide. Covidien currently offers clinically proven solutions for the prevention and intervention of deep vein thrombosis, chronic venous insufficiency, dialysis access, peripheral vascular disease and neurovascular disease. Close

Covidien is committed to developing solutions for the prevention and treatment of deep vein thrombosis, chronic venous insufficiency, dialysis access, peripheral vascular disease and neurovascular disease.

Covidien’s vascular device offerings include the T.E.D.™ anti-embolism stockings, Kendall SCD™ compression system, A-V Impulse™ foot compression system, Trellis™ peripheral infusion system, VNUS RFGPlus™ radio frequency generator and the VNUS ClosureFAST™ catheter, MAHURKAR™* and Palindrome™ dialysis catheters, Silverhawk® and Turbohawk™ plaque excision systems, Protégé® Everflex® stents, EverCross™, PowerCross™, and NanoCross™ PTA catheters, Onyx® liquid embolic system, Axium™ detachable aneurysm coils, Pipeline™ Embolization Device and the Solitaire™ Flow Restoration device. EverFlex stents for peripheral vascular use and Pipeline are not approved in the U.S. Solitaire is not cleared in the U.S.

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

The Kendall SCD™ compression system, A-V Impulse™ foot compression system and T.E.D.™ anti-embolism stockings help reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis and its associated complications. The Trellis™ peripheral infusion system is a unique catheter-based pharmacomechanical thrombolytic drug infusion system intended to address blood clots associated with deep vein thrombosis.

Venous Insufficiency

Venous insufficiency, also referred to as venous reflux disease, is the major underlying cause of varicose veins. The VNUS ClosureFAST™ system employs a disposable radiofrequency catheter that precisely heats and closes the diseased veins of the superficial system.

Dialysis Access

Dialysis patients offer a unique set of challenges in the clinical setting. Covidien offers a complete line of acute, chronic and peritoneal dialysis catheters. The Palindrome™ catheter was designed to maintain flow integrity by addressing recirculation, position occlusion and flow dynamics. Additionally, Covidien offers three catheter designs using a non-eluting heparin coating to decrease the likelihood of clot formation and/or an anti-microbial silver ion sleeve to decrease the likelihood of microbial colonization to preserve catheter access in catheter dependent patients.

Peripheral Vascular Disease

Through the recent acquisition of ev3, Covidien offers a complete line of endovascular devices for the treatment of peripheral arterial and venous diseases. Plaque excision systems are devices used to remove plaque that blocks arteries and interrupts blood flow. Percutaneous transluminal angioplasty balloon catheters are used to compress plaque against the vessel wall and restore blood flow. Stents can be inserted in the lumen of an anatomical vessel to keep a previously blocked passageway open. Embolic protection devices are intended to trap plaque and debris from traveling downstream, blocking off the vessel and disrupting blood flow. Covidien also offers a complete line of endovascular procedural support devices, such as support catheters, snares and guidewires.

Neurovascular Disease

Through the recent acquisition of ev3, Covidien offers a complete line of endovascular devices for the treatment of neurovascular disease. Embolic coils, liquid embolics, stents and flow diversion devices are used to treat vascular aneurysms and reduce the risk of hemorrhagic stroke. Revascularization devices are used for the retrieval of clots in patients experiencing ischemic stroke. Covidien also offers a complete line of endovascular support devices, such as microcatheters and guidewires, to aid in the treatment of neurovascular disease.

Medical Supplies

Nursing Care Products – includes products for wound care, incontinence, open suction, enteral feeding, gastrointestinal and enteral access and urology. Close

Nursing Care builds on our century-long tradition of innovating and manufacturing of high quality medical supplies. We are committed to exceeding the expectations of nurses, doctors, patients and families who rely on our products and programs for improved outcomes and an enhanced quality of life. Committed to reducing healthcare associated infections and reducing complications, we offer leading products in wound care, incontinence, enteral nutrition, urology, open suction, gastrointestinal and enteral access. Nursing Care incorporates the values of dignity, compassion and comfort for “Generations of Care” into everything we do.

SharpSafety Products – includes needles and syringes, sharps disposal containers, prefilled syringes, IV access, and blood collection needles. Close

With needles and syringes for medication delivery, prefilled syringes and needleless access devices for IV therapy and safety engineered collection devices, SharpSafety’s comprehensive range of products helps provide a safe and efficient means of delivering care while reducing the risk to healthcare workers of accidental injury.

Monitoring & OR Products – includes cardiac monitoring, perinatal/neonatal supplies, patient positioning, OR kits/prep/suction, chemotherapy protection, specimen collection, blood tubes and thermometry. Close

A leader in cardiac and diagnostic monitoring, Monitoring & OR Products provides devices that significantly enhance both caregiver and patient efficiencies. With a complete line of OR products to meet a broad range of procedural needs, patient and provider protection products for chemotherapy, electronic thermometry, skin prep and perinatal products designed for use in obstetrics and neonatal care, the division maintains an unwavering commitment to quality, service and cost effective solutions for our patients, clinicians and business partners.

Original Equipment Manufacturer Products (OEM) – includes various medical supplies, such as needles, syringes, electrodes, dental and veterinary products for clinicians, retail customers and a number of leading medical device companies. Close

Whether providing bulk-packed branded items for use in procedural trays, providing private labeled products for the retail market or custom designed components for medical procedures, the OEM division meets the needs of diverse corporate customers worldwide. The OEM division is committed to utilizing core competencies to supply quality devices and custom products to medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies and other end users in various industries with compatible needs.

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