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You may have a option regarding the type of surgical procedure you undergo for gallbladder removal. The SILS™ Cholecystectomy offers potential benefits over other approaches, including the potential for no visible scar, less pain due to fewer incisions compared to traditional laparoscopic surgery and a faster recovery time than open surgery. The table below details the differences between the various options. These results detailed below are typical - your results may vary.

Traditional Laparoscopic ProcedureSILS™ ProcedureOpen Procedure
Number of Incisions3-4 small incisions1 incision1 large incision
Size of Incision(s)About 1/2 inchAbout 3/4 inch6 inches long
Number of Visible Scars3 to 4 small scarsPotential for novisible scar1 large scar
Length of Hospital Stay1-3 days1-3 days3-7 days
PainMild or minimalMild or Minimal; may reduce the pain associated with multiple sites of entry*Moderate
Recovery TimeReturn to work within 5-10 daysReturn to work within 5-10 daysReturn to work in up to 6 weeks

*Your results may be different.

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