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Understanding Your Surgical Options

If surgery is the best option for you, you will join more than 500,000 others in the U.S. who have their gallbladders removed each year. The most common reason for a gallbladder removal (known as a cholecystectomy) is to remove gallstones that causes pain or prevent the effective storage and release of bile.

Cholecystectomies are performed in one of three ways:

Laparoscopic Surgery*
Open Surgery*

SILS™ Cholecystectomy

The next-generation SILS™ Procedure, a procedure option performed through a single incision in the belly button. This enhanced procedure has become accepted as a mainstream treatment for gallbladder removal. The SILS™ Cholecystectomy offers many potential benefits, including:

  • No visible scar
  • Fewer incisions compared to traditional laparoscopic surgery
  • Faster recovery time than open surgery

Standard Laparoscopic Surgery

Standard laparoscopy is performed using a laparoscope, a long thin device containing a light source and camera, thus resulting in a relatively smaller incision size. The laparoscopic device sends live video images to a video monitor so your doctor can clearly see the inside of your abdomen during the surgery. Only small incisions are needed to insert the scope and other surgical instruments.

Open Surgery

In open surgery a large incision is made below the ribs on the right side of the abdomen. This incision is held open with forceps and requires the division of several abdominal muscles.

* Actual results may vary along with number, size and location of incisions. Consult your surgeon.

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