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Argyle™ Peritoneal Dialysis Medical Grade Silicone Adhesive, Type A


Silicone Adhesive, Type A

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1 Each/ Carton
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Silicone Adhesive, Type A

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Product Details

Peritoneal dialysis accessories complement the full line of peritoneal dialysis catheters allowing for proper insertion and management of these products.

Features and Benefits

Argyle™ Peri-Patch Repair Kit hinged glue moldWhen used with adhesive, forms a permanent silicone seal over the connection between the indwelling catheter and the extension.
Full complement of accessory products Allow for proper insertion and management of peritoneal dialysis catheters.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is silicone adhesive? Silicone adhesive is a translucent, silicone bonding material that contains no solvents and cures at room temperature upon exposure to atmospheric moisture.
How long does it take for the silicone adhesive to cure? Curing time depends upon the thickness of the applied adhesive layer, the relative humidity and the accessibility of atmospheric moisture to the curing adhesive. A relative humidity level between 20 and 60 percent is recommended for optimal curing at room temperature. Dry heat will not accelerate the cure and should not be used. A minimum of 72 hours is recommended for curing a peritoneal dialysis catheter. If the adhesive still feels tacky after 72 hours, reclose the mold and leave it on the catheter for an additional 24 hours. If bubbles are present in the mold, apply additional adhesive to fill them, reclose the mold and allow curing for an additional 24 hours. (Please refer to the product's Instructions for Use for product-specific detailed instructions.)
Can routine peritoneal dialysis be preformed while the silicone adhesive is curing? Yes. Routine peritoneal dialysis can be performed while the adhesive is curing.
How are the peritoneal catheter accessories packaged? All products are supplied sterile with the exception of the Argyle™ Catheter Stencil-Swan Neck Tenckhoff, Argyle™ Catheter Stencil-Swan Neck Missouri and the Argyle™ Peritoneal Catheter straightening stylets.