Our North Haven, Connecticut facility uses a 5MW of co-generation capacity which is equivalent to taking 4,383 cars off the road every day.
Our North Haven, Connecticut facility uses a thermal storage system, “ice farm”. Ice is made during off peak hours and used for cooling during the day.
Our North Haven, Connecticut facility installed oil mist eliminators, preventing 1,500 gallons of oil from being discharged into the air every year.
Our Raleigh, North Carolina facility taps into a local landfill to use natural gas to offset its current energy usage.
Our Chesterfield, United Kingdom facility converts hazardous waste tar to a form that is sent offsite as alternate fuel for a cement kiln.
Our St. Louis, Missouri facility uses a thermal oxidizer air pollution control device that provides production plant steam from waste heat.
Our facility in Boulder, Colorado has instituted an “Alternative Transportation Program” encouraging employees to reduce their impact on the environment.
Our facility in Tijuana, Mexico has instituted a recycling program for their product cables that eliminates nearly 1.8 million cables from landfills each year.
Our Webster Groves, Missouri facility received the 2007 Gold Award from the Missouri Water Environment Association (MWEA) for industrial pretreatment.
Our facility in San Isidro, Dominican Republic, has a waste reduction program in their packaging area that results in more than 75% waste reduction per year.
Our facility in San Isidro, Dominican Republic has upgraded their lights to a fluorescent lamp system reducing their lamp usage by 50%.
Our Redruth, United Kingdom facility instituted a recycling program that reduces their landfill waste level by 50%.
Our Tijuana, Mexico facility recycles 100% of its process waste water that is reused in processing or is treated, and later used for lawn irrigation.

COVIDIEN is committed

As a global healthcare products company, we have a responsibility to take an active role in preserving our environmental resources, while continuing to provide innovative medical solutions to our customers and enhancing the quality of life for patients. We are committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees and environment through the practice of energy efficiency and the promotion of Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) excellence and best practices.

Committed to Our People

Covidien is committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees. We strive to obtain the necessary resources to provide a safe working environment for all of our employees, vendors and customers.

Employees Transform Facility into Health and Safety Driven Environment

Committed To Our Community

Covidien is committed to contributing to the availability of quality, affordable healthcare in the communities where we live and work. Additionally, we help fund programs that provide care and treatment to people in underserved communities around the world.

Recycled Product Donation Supports Humanitarian Efforts

Committed To Our Environment

Covidien is committed to reducing energy consumption in our facilities while utilizing alternative renewable energy sources. We continuously improve our energy performance in order to reduce our global carbon footprint.

Co-Generation Unit Reduces Pollution and Alleviates Electrical Congestion

Committed To Our Products

Covidien is committed to designing products that reduce the impact on the environment; are compliant with all government manufacturing guidelines; and ultimately serve the needs of our customers and patients.

Covidien Division Wins National Award for Environmental Achievement