Dr. Michael Tarnoff, Covidien’s Global Chief Medical Officer, speaks on Covidien’s approach to Conscientious Collaboration. Dr. Tarnoff also maintains a clinical practice in minimally invasive and bariatric surgery at Tufts Medical Center.

A Letter from Michael Tarnoff MD FACS

How many healthcare professionals (HCPs) truly understand that tying loyalty for a product to a company’s commitment to fund educational grants, research grants, fellowships, charitable donations or consulting agreements may be viewed with suspicion by regulators or law enforcement or even punishable by civil and/or criminal penalties?

How many of us know that accepting payment from a company for consulting services without a written agreement that at the very least 1) defines a traceable scope of work, 2) limits the duration of the agreement, and 3) aligns its compensation with fair market value fee for service, can be also be deemed illegal and may be punishable by civil and/or criminal penalties? [continued…]